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X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week – January 2019


by Dave Mobbs – January 31st, 2019

Yes, we know: it felt like January lasted for 45 days, but here we are at the end of it, closer and closer to spring! It’s the end of the month and we know you’ve all been eagerly waiting to find out the stories behind our Coloratti Photos of the Week.  Every month we try to feature interesting images from our Coloratti Ambassadors to try inspire you, our readers, to ultimately get out your camera and capture some incredible stories yourselves. This month we featured images from Coloratti: Tom Bourdon, Neil Snape, Martin Dörsch, and Clay Cook.

  1. Tom Bourdon : A  chaotic and lively scene during Holi celebrations. Matura, India


“I’m sure that by now most people, photographers at least, have heard of the Hindu festival of Holi. Every year at the beginning of spring the Hindu’s celebrate in the most colourful of styles. Well, this was back in 2010 and it was my second time in Maura shooting the celebrations. So I kind of knew what to expect, but in India you can never be sure!” says Tom.

“When I saw this scene out in front of me, I knew what I wanted.  The problem was the light was flat and uninteresting. That’s when I decided to add a little carefully placed flash to bring the scene to life”.

A woman stands in the light during Holi celebrations in India © Tom Bourdon

A woman stands in the light during Holi celebrations in India © Tom Bourdon

For the past few years Tom has been heavily involved with a revolutionary online photography platform called Gurushots.

“It’s fun, motivating and helps people improve their photography”, says Tom. “Taking photos is an amazing way to express yourself. We wanted it to be fun and meaningful, so we turned the sharing of photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off people’s talent”.

Check it out at gurushots.com. You can also follow Tom’s journey on Instagram as he drives through Europe on the way to Asia.


  1. Neil Snape – Betty Doye


We could write a 5000-word article about Coloratti Neil Snape and his work and we still couldn’t do justice to his almost perfect, other-worldly shots. Being the modest guy that he is, he gives most of the credit to the incredible models he works with:

“Some models have much more than just great physical features, but they bring to pictures makes the difference. Betty Doye is a model’s model”.

Betty Doye © Neil Snape

Betty Doye © Neil Snape

Neil took this photo in his studio in Paris, the city where he’s been living in for nearly 30 years. What’s so amazing about Neil, apart from his modesty, is that he’s willing to share his vision, his tips and tricks with the rest of the world. That’s why he teaches Masters Fashion at the American Fine Art School at the Paris College of Art. He frequently writes tutorials on his blog, hosts workshops and webinars and attends various shows and exhibitions, providing hands-on guidance to both buddying and professional artists and photographers alike.


  1. Martin Dörsch – Roya Asadian


Coloratti Martin Dörsch wears many hats:  he’s a software trainer, photographer, media designer, and all-round nice guy. His passion lies in passing on his knowledge, which is why he offers trainings on a variety of topics: from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, to colour management, print production and photography, to include a few.

© Martin Dörsch

© Martin Dörsch

Martin is obsessed with natural beauty, which is why he keeps retouching to a minimum and just does RAW developing of his images. While wearing his Photographer hat, Martin took a series of fun shots with Roya, which inevitably became our Coloratti Photos of the week.


© Martin Dörsch

© Martin Dörsch

If you want to contact Martin about any trainings, make sure to check his website. He’s based in Austria but can provide training in German and English as well.

In fact, we have two webinars planned with Martin on how to use Capture One and Affinity Photo together. Sign up to the English one here. For our German webinar, go here.


  1. Clay Cook – La Mirada de Belleza


January’s last “Coloratti photo of the week” is a shot by Coloratti Clay Cook. Photographer Clay Cook has learned the importance of going the extra mile, after a long, arduous run in the music business.  As a result, his wisdom, field experience and work ethic has pushed him further into an inspiring career in Advertising and Editorial photography.

Our featured image is a selection from “La mirada de belleza”, a fashion editorial Clay and his team captured for a local publication, right in the heart of Havana, Cuba.


La mirada de belleza © Clay Cook

La mirada de belleza © Clay Cook

“We worked directly with the Cuban Government to get all the necessary permits and licences to bring the melting pot style that is Cuba fashion to a tangible American medium.  We wanted people and we wanted the noise of Cuba” .

Make sure to check out Clay’s website and awesome portfolio here:  www.claycookphoto.com/

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