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X-Rite Coloratti Photo of The Week – June


by Alexandra Ilie – June 27th, 2019

Every last Thursday of the month we look back at the images we shared on Facebook and Twitter and reveal the stories behind the  Coloratti Photos of the Week.

It seems like the pictures have absolutely nothing in common but in reality, they each have at least one major thing they share. All of these photographers put colour at the heart of their work.  Colour can help tell us stories in a visual way and it can be used to communicate on an emotional level, so let’s explore together the stories behind this month’s images.


Wildflowers by Stephen Johnson Photography

Stephen Johnson © Wildflowers

Stephen Johnson © Wildflowers

 “I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils”

William Wordsworth

Yes, these aren’t daffodils but wild flowers, and Wordsworth was English and Steve Johnson is American, but it’s what comes to mind when looking at this superb photo by our Coloratti.

Steve found this beautiful spot along the Carissa Highway to the Carrizo Plain spread with Common Goldfields, Lupines, Purple Owl’s-Clover, Tidy-Tips and flower lovers.

The photograph is actually available on paper, Hahnemühle Museum Etching paper, which Steve himself designed. Each month he offers a signed, original print, at a special price. This is a great opportunity to own a very affordable fine-art photograph. For more details, head on to: http://bit.ly/2VdG2lP


Marcin Czornyj Kałuża

Not all photo shoots go as planned. Soemtimes you just simply come up with better ideas on the spot:

“I was just testing a new portrait lens. It was a regular portrait session, but I decided to make a “teal and orange” colour grading. It ended up working nicely with the floral accents on model’s blouse”.


Marcin Czornyj Kałuża © Photo of the Week

Marcin Czornyj Kałuża © Photo of the Week


Marcin Czornyj Kałuża © 2019

Marcin Czornyj Kałuża © 2019

Polish Coloratti Marcin Czornyj Kałuża  is a color consultant, designer, photographer, retoucher and fine art printer with over 20 years of experience. As a color, imaging and printing expert he works with major polish photo book manufacturers as well as many professional photo laboratories, printing shops, and individual artists.

He leads workshops, webinars and trainings and shares his knowledge with photographers and designers on internet forums and on social media.

Neil Snape

The human eye is something you would probably never think to shoot, until you get a Macro Lens. The level of detail and imagination you can capture never gets old! This magnificent image is actually a #throwback from 10 years ago by Coloratti Neil Snape .

© Neil Snape

© Neil Snape

“This is a picture of Kateryna Z at Mademoiselle Agency, Paris, makeup by Natsuki Oneyama. Almost 10 years ago! I used a Canon 5DMKII 100mm macro at f22 1/125s P65 Broncolor high, Lightbar 60cm low. Additionally, I used a large silver reflector, I think , below and to the left”.


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