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Accurate Colors from an iPhone Camera with ColorChecker Passport


by Jared Platt – August 7th, 2019

Getting accurate colors using ColorChecker Passport is not limited to professional cameras. I can calibrate a point and shoot, a micro four-thirds camera or even get accurate colors from an iPhone camera.  If it makes a photo and it has color, I can make a profile.  All it takes is a DNG photo of the ColorChecker Passport and the ColorChecker Camera Calibration plugin within Lightroom. You can also bring a DNG file into ColorChecker Camera Calibration software and create the profile.

Accurate Color from and iPhone camera with ColorChecker PassportAccurate Colors from an iPhone Camera

To get accurate color on my iPhone camera, take a photo of the ColorChecker Passport with the iPhone in the mobile Lightroom app. You want to use the Lightroom camera app because it captures a DNG (Digital Negative) file.  That image is then transferred to my Lightroom Classic via the Adobe Creative Cloud connection. There you will use ColorChecker Camera Calibration plugin in the Export with Preset menu in Lightroom Classic to create a profile. Using this custom profile will correct for the inconsistencies of the iPhone camera sensor.

Apply the Custom Profile for Quality and Consistency

Now you can now apply that profile to an image taken with your iPhone  and get accurate color and better quality in that kind of light source.   You can go a step further and take a photo of the ColorChecker Passport in two very different light sources (incandescent and shade). Using these two images we can create a Dual Illuminate, or Master profile for my iPhone. That Master profile will be good for almost any photo that you take with your iphone, no matter what light source you happen to be shooting in.

Match iPhone Images to Other Cameras

By adding your mobile phone’s camera into the mix of calibrated cameras in your kit, images taken with an iPhone will match the color you’re am getting from anything in your bag: Nikon, Sony or Canon, etc.

Don’t let your camera’s color control you.  Control camera color. All it takes is a photo of a ColorChecker Passport or any ColorChecker Classic 24 patch target.

Spend More Time Shooting, Less Time Editing

Creating color profiles will give you greater consistency across your images, you’ll spend less time in post-production work, you’ll have better quality images and that all means greater trust from your clients.  And all you need is two shots of a ColorChecker Passport or any ColorChecker Classic 24 patch target. And now with ColorChecker Camera Calibration v.2 software you can make single illuminate ICC profiles for us in Capture One.

Download ColorChecker Camera Calibration software here: CLICK HERE

Jared Platt photographer and educator

Learn more about photography and post-production from Jared at http://www.jaredplatt.com.

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    Is there a plug in for the light room on my iPad Pro so as not to adjust on laptop

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