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Introducing The NEW i1Photo Pro 3 Plus


by Dave Mobbs – August 15th, 2019

The new i1Photo Pro 3 Plus is a spectral color measurement solution specifically designed for professional photographers who print on challenging textured and glossy photo media looking for the most accurate color in their RGB print workflows. i1Photo Pro 3 Plus combines the new i1Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer and i1Profiler software to deliver the ultimate professional level color management for displays, projectors, scanners RGB printers and cameras.

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

Current profiling solutions are limited in their ability to measure textured, rough, or uneven surfaces and cannot accommodate various material thicknesses. Many devices do not have the resolution required to ensure the highest color quality when printing detailed patterns, metallic effects, or photography images. This leads to costly color errors and rework which impacts a photographer’s bottom line.

What’s new in the i1Photo Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer?i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

Larger 8mm aperture supports new materials and substrates used in digital printing.

Polarization Filter (measurement condition M3) that reduces specular highlights and shadows to provide “better blacks” and richer colors on rough surfaces and glossy medias, like canvas prints and fine art photo papers.

High Brightness Measurement enhances up to 5K NITs for ultra-bright displays.

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

Simultaneously measure M0, M1 and M2 in a single pass to account for optical brighteners so photographers can quickly predict how colors printed on optically brightened substrates will look under different lighting conditions.

The new LED illuminant improves device reliability. The i1Pro3 Plus allows for four measurement conditions (ISO 13655 M0; M1: D50; M2: UV Excluded, M3Polarized).

Transmission scanning support for backlit materials and a longer scanning ruler to support wider charts.

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus calibrates and profiles multiple displays, projectors, scanners, RGB printers and cameras with the included camera profiling software and ColorChecker Classic Mini target.

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus delivers all the features and functions found in i1Photo Pro 2 and more.

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

Additional i1Pro 3 Plus Solutions:

In addition to i1Photo Pro 3 Plus, X-Rite is now shipping these new i1Pro 3 Plus solutions:

i1Basic Pro 3 Plus – includes monitor calibration and quality control for monitors and printers

i1Publish Pro 3 Plus – includes CMYK+ printer module and all features of i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

New X-Rite i1iO Table

In addition, the new i1iO Automated Scanning Table supports the i1Pro 3 Plus hardware. This hands-free test chart reader offers automated color profiling on a variety of substrates with reduced risk of color measurement errors. It is ideal for color perfectionists who want to speed up and automate the measurement process and eliminate manual strip reading. The new i1iO table can be used with a variety of materials including canvas, textiles, ceramics, corrugated, etc. and supports materials up to 33mm thick, with the optional z-axis spacer. It also supports transparencies and backlit materials. The new i1iO 3rd generation table will be available from early October 2019.

The i1Photo Pro 3 Plus is just the latest in a series of unparalleled solutions developed by Color Perfectionists for Color Perfectionists who print.

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