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Coloratti Photo of the Week – Summer- August 2019


by Alexandra Ilie – September 4th, 2019

We hope you all had a wonderful, sunshine-filled summer! In August we’ve been busy collating the most inspiring summer shots by our Coloratti Ambassadors. This month we featured photos from Piotr Piatek, Sandra Bartocha, Rafa Irusta, and Clay Cook. Let’s see what the stories behind our August Coloratti images are in the following article.

Piotr Piatek

We started August with a very interesting image from our Coloratti Piotr Piatek. Full of curves and breathtakingly beautiful, the Kölnbreinsperre dam is the tallest concrete dam in Austria, measuring 200 metres and located at 1,933m. The dam features in the 1978 film The Boys From Brazil, standing in for a location in Sweden. In the film, the character of the inspector of the local power company is thrown off the top of the snow-covered dam by an assassin sent by a fictional Josef Mengele.

But enough about the dam, let’s talk a bit more about the person behind the shot: Coloratti Piotr Piatek. Piotr is a freelance photographer and retoucher based in Poland. He is enthusiastic about colour and streamlining workflow processes, as well as photo-retouching. He regularly performs photographic productions for advertising agencies and shoots photos for businesses.

Piotr Piatek © Kölnbreinsperre dam

Piotr Piatek © Kölnbreinsperre dam

Piotr also does superb beauty, fashion, architecture, interior, transport and lifestyle photography. A while ago, he wrote an insightful article on Effective Workflows. You can read his article here (it’s in Polish!).

Sandra Bartocha

A poppy field at dusk after a hot summer’s day. What could be more quintessentially summer than this? You can basically smell the poppies if you try hard enough.

Sandra Bartocha © 2019

Sandra Bartocha © 2019

Sandra’s dream-like plant images are often copied but never bettered. Although it’s been 8 years since her breakthrough success as a category winner in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, Sandra continues to make frequent trips to the shores of her local lake in Mecklenburg, northern Germany, where she takes incredible nature photography.

In 2016, Sandra and fellow photographer Werner Bollmann published LYS: An Intimate Journey to the North, the culmination of four years of dedicated coverage of the landscape and natural history of Scandinavia from the pastures of Jutland in the south to the frozen frontier of Svalbard in the Arctic.  Find out more about Sandra on her website, or if you’re interested in her book, find more details here.


Rafa Irusta

“Asturias, Natural Paradise” – these words from the Asturias tourism organisation couldn’t do more to encapsulate the majesty of this lush region in northern Spain. Coloratti Rafa Irusta captureed this image on one of his workshops in this region of Spain.

Rafa Irusta © Asturias

Rafa Irusta © Asturias

Rafa is a nature photographer specialising in landscape photography. He is a self-taught photographer, having been in the industry since 2001 and is now a partner of CPS (Canon Professional Services) in Spain, as well as an X-Rite Coloratti. As the saying goes “Sharing is caring”; that’s why one of Rafa’s main focuses is photography training.

In addition to lectures, Rafa also teaches photography workshops, both for individuals and for groups. If taking pictures under Rafa’s guidance in the magical Asturias is something you’d be interested in, then you are in luck! There are few places left for his workshop in September.  Check out Rafa’s website for more details about other upcoming workshops. Rafa also does a podcast (in Spanish!) called “Hyperfocal Distance”, where he talks about landscape and travel photography.


Clay Cook

Our last Picture of the Week this August features Instagram’s favourite grandmother, Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, known as Baddie Winkle. Coloratti  Clay Cook took this fun shot for Stash (a fast-growing consumer investing apps) and their 2018 campaign “Live your best life, your whole life”.

This was a cross-platform campaign that spanned social ads, interactive landing pages, Brooklyn murals and more. End goal was to encourage millennials to “retire like a Baddie” and invest in their futures.

Baddie Winkle © Clay Cook

Baddie Winkle © Clay Cook

Coloratti Clay Cook is an editorial and portrait photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. He began his career in the music industry, and after 10 years, his passion had leaned towards photography, cinematography and graphic design. Constantly collaborating with designers, national models, filmmakers and other photographers, Clay has built a reputable name as an award-winning internationally published photographer and filmmaker, specialising in fashion editorial and advertising photography. Click here to visit Clay Cook’s official site.

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