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Color Checker 40th Anniversary


X-Rite ColorChecker Celebrates 40-Years as the Standard in Color Innovation.


In the Spring of 1976, the Macbeth ColorChecker was introduced to photographers setting a new, reliable standard in color correction and representation. Today, the X-Rite ColorChecker remains the original and premiere cross-industry standard for balancing and reproduction of true to life color, based on a century of color theory science. 

ColorChecker Classic

ColorChecker Classic

ColorChecker technology delivers consistent, accurate and repeatable color results that have scaled for 40 years to help define the technology of every new advancement in media technology, from print photography to film, video and digital. Hobbyists to professionals, across the widest range of industries and disciplines, whether filmmaking or photography, manufacturing or science, medical and industrial. Any user can fully trust that ColorChecker will always provide an unrivaled industry- standard result every time, whether using in it’s simplest form or with advanced control. 

ColorChecker Passport Video & ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Passport Video & ColorChecker Video

The year-long 40th Anniversary global celebration includes in-store events, special bundles, webinars, contests, giveaways and more beginning with special pricing at:


 can fully trust that ColorChecker will always provide an unrivaled reference standard result every time. ColorChecker technology and science is delivered to help you at every stage of your ability; from first-time photographers to the most seasoned veterans, you will save tremendous time and energy in Capture and Post-Processing.





ColorChecker Contest

A person holding a ColorChecker in front of landscape scenese



“The ColorChecker Passport … the single best $99 you will ever spend for your photography”
    – Joe Brady


“The ColorChecker Passport is giving one more tool that adds to both creativity, control and continuity in that process of color management.”
     – Seth Resnick


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