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ColorChecker Passport

by eduardoangel – September 15th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel. There’s a new kid on the block. The ColorChecker Passport is a powerful new tool for an Adobe® Raw workflow. It’s a pocket size, self standing case with three photographic targets. It comes with software to  create… Read more

ColorMunki Reviews.

by eduardoangel – September 10th, 2009

By Eduardo Angel Two recent ColorMunki reviews that I find accurate and relevant. The first one, written by wildlife photographer Moose Peterson, describes Moose’s experience calibrating his monitors and printing with his Epson 7900. The second review, done by Steven… Read more

Calibrating multiple monitors.

by eduardoangel – September 8th, 2009

By Mary DeCator When you calibrate multiple monitors to match each other, they may match closely but not exactly. You may especially notice a change in cases where you are using a mix of backlighting technologies. In order to be… Read more

ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Photo.

by eduardoangel – August 27th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel The differences between ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Photo are primarily in the design of the software interface. ColorMunki Design opens with a palette display, inviting designers to scroll through and pick and choose colors to assemble color… Read more

Printing with Photoshop CS4.

by eduardoangel – July 7th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel We now know how and where to install ICC Printer Profiles, so lets see how to use them within Photoshop. The dialog below is for Photoshop CS4, but the steps for Cs3 and CS2 are pretty much… Read more

Where to install ICC Printer Profiles.

by eduardoangel – July 1st, 2009

By Eduardo Angel “I just downloaded some ICC Printer Profiles from a manufacture’s site, now where should I put them?” Ah! That’s a question I get pretty much every day! After downloading the desired profiles make sure they have been… Read more

Color Spaces, Part 2.

by eduardoangel – June 29th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel In Color Spaces, Part 1, we talked about how working color spaces are device-independent and define the set of colors available to work with when editing images in applications like Photoshop. Device color spaces simply describe the… Read more

Color Spaces, Part 1.

by eduardoangel – June 24th, 2009

By Eduardo Angel A color space is an abstract mathematical model describing the way colors can be represented with numbers.  For example, Adobe RGB and sRGB are two different absolute color spaces, both based on the RGB model. Although several… Read more