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X-Rite ColorChecker and Video at Hallmark Institute of Photography

by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 13th, 2012

X-Rite ColorChecker Classic has been the most photographed object on the planet for over 30 years.  From way back in film days professional photographers have known that taking a shot of a ColorChecker is the way to insure a color… Read more

X-Rite ColorMunki Family

by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 6th, 2012

ColorMunki is a name that defines quality color management, easy to use software, and innovative hardware. ColorMunki Photo was the first ColorMunki. It is a small easy to carry spectrophotometer that has it’s own storage pouch. This amazing little device… Read more

February X-Rite Webinars | Education for Color Management and More

by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 1st, 2012

February is a short month but packed with educational opportunities from X-Rite Photo. This month we have four great educational webinars.  These programs are free. All you have to do is register and attend go get great information and learn… Read more

The First Step | Calibrate and Profile Your Monitor

by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 30th, 2012

Color management is a must for the digital photographer.  It is the only way to get an image from camera to paper or even camera to website with any degree of confidence that what we intended is what others will… Read more

Coloratti News | Welcome Daniele Barraco

by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 24th, 2012

Please welcome Coloratti Daniele Barraco. Daniele is from Italy and specializes in portrait and celebrity photography. He is an X-Rite solutions user and knows first hand the beauty of a color managed digital workflow. Monitor calibration is an absolute must… Read more

X-Rite Coloratti Martin Bailey | Making the Print – A Masterclass

by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 21st, 2012

Coloratti Martin Bailey has a brand new eBook out from Craft and Vision. It’s called Making the Print | Printing Techniques For the Digital Photographer (A Masterclass). Martin has produced a simple, easy to read book that is a must… Read more

Shutterbug Reviews X-Rite i1Display Pro

by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 20th, 2012

 Shutterbug.com has just published a new review for X-Rite i1Display Pro.  Reviewer David B. Brooks has this to say about i1Display Pro, “The new colorimeter is a very flexible and convenient instrument design capable of measuring displays directly, as well… Read more

Make a New Year’s Resolution: Calibrate your Monitor (with X-Rite!)

by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 5th, 2012

  The title above is actually the title of a new smArticle on ShootSmarter.com. Gary Poole is a color consultant and contributor to ShootSmarter whose latest offering there is titled “Make a New Year’s Resolution: Calibrate your Monitor.” Gary’s company… Read more

Coloratti News | Moose Peterson on Monitor Profiling with X-Rite

by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 26th, 2011

Our good friend Moose Peterson sent me a note just before the holidays and included the guest blog below to share with you. As you’ll read in the article below Moose believes in regular calibration and profiling for monitors.  For… Read more

X-Rite i1Display Pro | Professional Photographer’s Hot One Award

by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 19th, 2011

X-Rite is pleased to announce that the NEW i1Display Pro display has received the Hot One Award.  The i1Display Pro will be featured with other Hot One Award winners in the March 2012 issue of Professional Photographer. Professional Photographer Hot… Read more

Eizo ColorNavigator Software Now Supports X-Rite i1Display Pro

by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 4th, 2011

Announced last week during Photo Plus Expo, Eizo Nanao Technologies Inc. (EIZO) offers ColorEdge calibration monitor support via its proprietary ColorNavigator v6.0.1 software for X-Rite’s innovative i1Display Pro colorimeter product. Under a special license agreement, Eizo now offers unparalleled color… Read more

Coloratti News | John Paul Caponigro on Soft Proofing

by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 3rd, 2011

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an idea of what an image would look like when it’s printed on a glossy paper versus a matte paper. And it really would be wonderful if you could see what difference… Read more