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Introducing The NEW i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

by Dave Mobbs – August 15th, 2019

The new i1Photo Pro 3 Plus is a spectral color measurement solution specifically designed for professional photographers who print on challenging textured and glossy photo media looking for the most accurate color in their RGB print workflows. i1Photo Pro 3… Read more

X-Rite Coloratti Matthieu Paley

by Brenda K. Hipsher – March 11th, 2013

Welcome Clizia Capecchi, EMEA Marketing Coordinator, Media and Imaging for X-Rite based in Switzerland for her guest blog on Coloratti Matthieu Paley. Be sure to register for Matthieu Paley’s first X-rite webinar on March 14, 2013. There is a link… Read more

X-Rite Coloratti Roberto Legnani

X-Rite Coloratti Roberto Legnani and Reproducing Artwork

by Brenda K. Hipsher – October 23rd, 2012

X-Rite Coloratti Roberto Legnani is a photographer, printer,  and consultant for digital printing and prepress. He is an expert in graphics workflow and color management. His workflow is perfectly connected from capture to press for reproducing artwork. This is accomplished… Read more

X-Rite Coloratti News | John Omvik on Color Management

by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 4th, 2011

Today we welcome a guest blog by Coloratti John Omvik. John is Vice President of Marketing for Unified Color Technologies and a founding photographer of Hold the Eye Images, Inc. His background in photography and product marketing/development extends to all… Read more