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File Basics: Bit Depth

by Jeff Lazell – August 4th, 2014

Welcome to File Basics, a new feature to the X-Rite blog where I hope to demystify a lot of the settings and terms associated with building an effective post processing workflow. I worked on the production side of the photo… Read more

XTreme Rebate.

by eduardoangel – October 6th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel With the i1 XTreme you can profile LCD, CRT and laptops under pretty much any ambient light condition, calibrate scanners (it comes with a reflective scan Target) and digital projectors, and build RGB and CMYK ICC printer… Read more

Color Spaces, Part 1.

by eduardoangel – June 24th, 2009

By Eduardo Angel A color space is an abstract mathematical model describing the way colors can be represented with numbers. ¬†For example, Adobe RGB and sRGB are two different absolute color spaces, both based on the RGB model. Although several… Read more