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The Photography Show 2015, Birmingham UK

by Dave Mobbs – April 14th, 2015

Every March, photographers from across the UK gather in Birmingham for a 4 day exhibition which sees over 35,000 people visit the show. The Photography Show is one of Europe’s largest annual imaging exhibitions and a great opportunity for us… Read more

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week

by Sandra Kehoe – March 22nd, 2015

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – July 22nd, 2015 Sadly, the temple where these two girls were playing in the rain no longer exists. The temple was destroyed in April’s earthquake, which reduced many temples and homes to rubble, leaving… Read more

PRODUCING A BODY OF WORK by X-Rite Coloratti Master Seth Resnick

by Sandra Kehoe – February 27th, 2015

160,000 Miles of Color – Seth Resnick Almost any photographer can produce 10 to 20 really good images but that in itself, may no longer be enough to gain them the recognition that will take their craft further. Developing a… Read more

Color Talk with X-Rite Coloratti Andy Katz

by Sandra Kehoe – January 27th, 2015

X-Rite Coloratti Andy Katz shares his insights on the key elements of capturing natural color:   There are many elements that go into a great photograph. Color: I wake up really early in the morning, well before the sun rises,… Read more

X-Rite Support FAQs and Downloads

by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 14th, 2014

Not sure if you have the latest version of software? Want to read up on the latest FAQs on an X-Rite solution? Check out X-Rite Support FAQs and Downloads page.  You’ll find interactive training videos and find out how solutions… Read more

X-Rite Color Management Ensures Accurate Color for “Cantinflas”

by Clizia Capecchi – December 2nd, 2013

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, although he called himself Mario Moreno, (August 12, 1911 – April 20, 1993), was a Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter known professionally as Cantinflas. He often portrayed impoverished campesinos or a peasant of… Read more

Coloratti Michael Grecco in Brazil for Harper’s Bazaar

by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 18th, 2013

A visit to Coloratti Michael Grecco’s blog is always interesting and filled with images that delight the eye. We enjoy the images he posts there of his travels and his latest work. Photos from Nigeria, his largest group shot ever… Read more

Welcome to X-Rite Festival of Color Calibration!

by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 4th, 2013

Welcome to the first annual X-Rite Festival of Color Calibration! The month of November 2013 is filled with activities and specials all across the USA. From dealer events to webinars, Google + Hangouts to free laptop calibration, it’s time you… Read more

Julia Kuzmenko Photo Workshop with X-Rite Coloratti Marianna Santoni

by Clizia Capecchi – October 28th, 2013

Marianna Santoni, a member of the X-Rite Coloratti in Italy, is very active traveling extensively with weekly seminars and photo workshops! Photographer and post-production expert Marianna Santoni and her team have been organizing training events connected to art, photography, post-production,… Read more

Big Shot Workshops

by Brenda K. Hipsher – October 18th, 2013

Rob Van Petten and Big Shot Workshops are a staple n the Boston area. Rob Van Petten will present two Big Shot Workshops at EP Levine in their beautiful Exposure Place studios in Waltham, Massachusetts on October 30 and November 19,… Read more

Natalia Taffarel: First Spanish Webinar!

by Clizia Capecchi – July 24th, 2013

After the successful webinar of Natalia Taffarel in June, she contacted us to replicate a session in Spanish language as a Spanish webinar. Natalia is  from Argentina and retouching is her life. Becoming a digital artist was a natural progression… Read more

X-Rite Coloratti Community Lands in Africa and Middle East

by Clizia Capecchi – July 1st, 2013

Summer is coming and with it two new X-Rite Coloratti. The first from the Green Continent Africa, featuring Robert Miller from Cape Town, South Africa. And Alex Jeffries, based in Dubai UAE. We are delighted to welcome them to the… Read more